The Development of My Love for Makeup and FashionπŸ’…πŸ‘—πŸ’„πŸ‘’πŸ’‹

The Development of My Love for Makeup and FashionπŸ’…πŸ‘—πŸ’„πŸ‘’πŸ’‹

I have to admit, this was a very spontaneous post as I’m having a bit of writers block this week! This lil post idea was given to me by my very good friend also blogger Grace, and you all should check her blog out because she is an AMAZING writerπŸ˜›!!

This is going to be a short little post about how I developed such a love for make up and fashion, and how it continues to influence me everydayπŸ’‹πŸ‘—.

I come from very creative family; my mum is a photographer and she used to be a fashion designer, and my dad is a furniture designer; so from a young age I’ve always had creative influences in my life.

Aside from those fashion stencils and ‘fashion design’ games that pretty much every girl had when I was younger, I think with Fashion, the thing that sparked my love for it was really watching shows like America’s Next Top Model. I always loved seeing the outfits that they wore, and how the pieces were put together, and the reason behind the outfits.
Growing up, I realised that what you wore really expressed who you are, and therefore I began to develop my own style and sort of define how I went about expressing myself, and how I wanted to portray myself to other people.
I love simplistic clothes, things that are block colours (usually white, black or grey..I know, really out there…) and then provide makeup that adds that ‘statement’ to the look. However, I also like to play around with more bold colours and different patterns, yet still keep it pretty simplistic.
I think taking textiles has also allowed me to explore other peoples creative style, and how they combine different colours and patterns to get the look that they desire and expresses them the best. The girls in my textiles class are a brilliant example of this, as we all have our own individual styles and are all very unique.

Moving onto makeup, I think as a child my love for makeup was influenced by media – the magazines that I read, the shows that I watched on TV, the books I read, etc etc. I think my very first makeup product, i was a clear mascara that I got in Shout magazine in the summer holidays just after I finished primary school, which is probably the age that the majority of girls started wearing makeup. And of course, I went through that terrible blue eyeshadow and purple eyeliner phase, and also the black panda eyes with clumpy mascara and chalky foundation until I realised the ‘beauty’ of makeup. 

Now, I’m able to realise that makeup is not only in the beauty industry, but it is also considered as art. The looks that some people are able to create are just outstanding, and I love scrolling through my social media and seeing the most amazing and creative looks, that are so truly original as well. My Inspirations include those such as NikkiTutorials, Carli Bybel, Daisy Marquez, Mikala Walker and many many more; they’re so beyond talented.

This post turned out to be something a bit more than a ‘little’ post, I just got a liiiiitttle bit carried awayπŸ˜¬πŸ˜†!!
See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x


A Trip to New York City πŸ—½βœˆοΈ

A Trip to New York City πŸ—½βœˆοΈ

They say it’s “the city that never sleeps” which is definitely true; the hustling bustling city of New York is a destination that I can finally say that I visited. Over the course of my stay, I realised that I did not fall in love with the city. Don’t get me wrong, it truly is an amazing place and I really did love every second, but in my opinion I would never be be able to live there.

The 7 hour flight there actually went surprisingly quick; we left Manchester at around 1:45pm, and arrived at JFK at around 5:20pm due to the time difference which felt really strange to adjust to (and of course we arrived in rush hour, so it took us a while to get to the hotelπŸ™„)!

Personally, I feel like New York is a completely different city during the day than at night. During the day, it really is a “concrete jungle”, you really get to appriciate the architecture and the asthetics of the buildings, as the buildings make New York what it is. However at night, this city full of mighty sky scrapers and busy New Yorkers turns into one of the most magical places I have ever seen. Comparing the view from the top of the Rockafeller Centre during the day to the view from the Empire State at night provides a complete juxtaposition of New York, and it allows you to admire the beauty  of the city im different ways. 

Visiting places like Central Park also allowed me to appriciate the beauty of New York as well – it was a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the concrete areas of the city, providing stunning areas of greenery and the perfect place for a gorgeous stroll πŸ˜πŸƒπŸŒΌ.

Of course being in New York, there are so many iconic sights and places to see and the famous sights that I was most excited to see were ones from the TV series Gossip Girl, and as soon as we arrived at Grand Cenral station, it felt extremely surreal (considering the fact that I have watched Gossip Girl at least 4 times over😁!!)

Visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum was very emotional; realising and learning in more depth as to how it effected the people, their families and not only America, but the world as a whole. The memorial created by the loved ones of those who tragically passed away was beautiful and extremely special, and a lovely place oin be able to pay respectβ€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

We took a ferry from Manhattan to liberty island and again it was just so surreal to see something that I have seen on TV and in films so many times! To be honest, it was a lot bigger than I expected, and standing right underneath it made me realise how big it actually was!

And finally – the shopping!! The shopping was my favourite part; Macy’s, Bloomingdales, 5th Avenue and so much more! I was in my element 😍😍

I had a fabulous time with some fabulous people and I really do hope to come back and visit the city again very soonπŸ—½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβœ¨

See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x

A little information about me πŸ˜βœ¨πŸ’…πŸ¦„

A little information about me πŸ˜βœ¨πŸ’…πŸ¦„

After providing you with an introduction, I feel like I should let you know a little bit about me before I start with some blog posts, as some may get personal.
My name is Scarlett Swanston, I’m 17 and I live in the UK, currently in the midst of my A-Levels. I attend a sixth form rather than a college, which has its perks and it’s downfalls, and I feel this way due to the fact that I like to consider myself more of a creative person. I study English Literature, Media Studies, and Textiles and I feel as though these subjects represent me well (if that makes sense?!). Its the time where we are all sending off our applications to University, and I have applied for Marketing Management, however I am still unsure if I want to go. Some people may think that’s mad; but I think I want to do an apprenticeship in marketing. Media studies is something I’ve loved since GCSE, and my love for it has grown over the past year and it is something that I 110% want to pursue as a career in the future, so why should I not just get out there and go for it as soon as I can? I’ve had 2 part time jobs and I’ve just recently started my third job at Costa Coffee. I’ve got braces, and I’ve had them for two and a half years and HOPING to be getting them off very soonπŸ™„!! I love makeup and fashion and I consider those my hobbies, as they are things that I truly do love (and pretty much what I spend all my wages onπŸ˜‚). I really do love social media as well; I use it pretty much everyday. I find it so interesting in a way, like how media has developed so much that you can share anything with anybody so quickly. This also seems like a sad self promo, but feel free to follow me on Instagram – @scarlss1 and Twitter – @scarlss1.

Other important things in my life are my family, friends and my boyfriend.  Know you’re probably thinking “Oh God, how clichΓ©!” but it really is true, they are the most important things in my life and I wouldn’t trade or change any of them for anything.
My family are very very important to me, we are very strong and close knit and I feel so lucky to have such a loving family. We have been through so much together, enough to break some families apart, yet we stick together through thick and thin!! πŸ’ͺ🏼

I have learnt so much about how strong friendships can be over this past year, and especially these past few weeks. Our friendship group is rather big, which obviously means that each one of us is different, but I feel like this is something that we really appriciate and the reason why we are all such good friends. You are all so strong, we have been friends for such a long time now, and the fact that next year we will all be split up is sad and I will miss you all very muchπŸ’”

(Minus Sophie, Emily and Ella – I couldn’t find a picture with us all in😩)

Being in a relationship for almost a year and a half has honestly been the best thing that has and will ever happen to me. It has taught me many things, and things that I will appreciate for the rest of my life. Josh, thank you for being there for me and making me feel loved everyday, I appreciate and love you so muchπŸ’–.

I know this post got pretty cringey and deep and all that, I honestly didn’t intend it toπŸ˜‚! Thank you for taking the time to read this – next weeks post will be about my trip that I am taking to New York at the end of this weekπŸ—½!!
See you then,

Scarlett x


I’m not going to lie, this is probably the third time I’ve attempted a blog. I know that sounds like I couldn’t be bothered or whatever, but honestly I think I had a writers block the first time round, and the second time I just restricted myself to discuss solely makeup matters. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I also love writing, but I presume that it was just not the right time in my life for a blog.

Which is where this third blog comes in; you know what they say, third time lucky. Well this time I’m making sure that I am lucky, I’m really determined to keep this up, because it truly is something I love to do! On this blog I’m going to be discussing a range of topics, from makeup to product reviews, my opinion on certain matters, trips and places that I’ve been on and so much more! I really want to express who I am as a person via my writing, and also explore new opportunities and ideas which could push me further in my future plans.

If you are wondering who actually is this girl rambling on with herself, my next post will contain alllllll of that information! I’m going to be posting every Tuesday at 9pm GMT, so make sure you stay tuned!!! πŸ˜›πŸ€—

See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x