This is my 4th year going to the clothes show, but this year was the best one by far (despite my little incident occurred which I’ll explain later πŸ˜‚).
If you don’t know what the Clothes Show is, it’s basically Britain’s biggest fashion event that’s hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s filled with stores and pop up shops, varying from hair and beauty, to fashion and accessories, including some well known brands such as Barry M and BooTea, and also some really cute vintage shops. On top of all that, there is also a really cool fashion show, which consists of several trends for the upcoming seasons. Many reality TV stars and Youtubers also make an appearance too.
Personally, this year I felt as though the shops were not as good as they have been in previous years, and it did take me ages to actually find something I wanted to purchase. However, I did find a stall which I really like – Nanshy Brushes. Nanshy is a makeup brand that I have actually never heard of before, but their brushes are SOOOOOO soft and they’re cruelty free and 100% vegan which is brill! I only purhcased 1, however this was soley down to the fact that I had never tried the brand so I didn’t know what the quality would be like, however I will definitely be purchasing from them again!! πŸ˜‹

Moving onto the fashion show – I had such a cool seat, I was facing the middle of the stage at the back so I had a really good view of the fashion show as a whole. I also felt that this year the theme had been very much inspired by the fashion show in the film The Neon Demon; the catwalk was filled with blue lights and was shaped like a triangle.

(Clothes show VS. The Neon Demon)

Overall the show was really really cool – I’ll leave some pictures here. ​


And now for my incident – whilst I was at one of the coffee stands at the clothes show, I ordered a mint tea. I took the lid off the cup to let it cool, and as I went to test the temperature it slipped out of my hands and spilled all down myself! To make matters worse, I had ripped jeans on so the water went all over my bare legs!! My skin started pealing straight away, so I spent the last hour of the trip in the A&E room! So at the moment, my legs are all wounded and incredibly sore – note to self ~ be more careful around hot liquids πŸ™ƒ
See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x


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