I first found out what negative capability was last year in my year 12 English Literature lesson, when we were studying John Keats’ poetry, but I actually only fully understood what it was recently.
I learnt the term in English, and it basically means appreciating something for what it is, rather than looking  too much into the reasoning for it. For example, rather than looking at a tree and thinking ‘why do the leaves change colour in the autumn? How do they change colour?’ etc etc, just looking at it and thinking ‘those autumnal leaves look really lovely”. It basically means that appreciating beauty is something that is pretty fundamental for a foundation of positivity.

I feel like this links to my previous blog post (here) about how this is a stressful time of year, and I feel that it is important to take a step back and actually appreciate the beauty of things around you, rather than just be absorbed in the stress of school and/or work. I believe that this is the reason I have just come to terms with the true meaning of Negative Capability; taking time out to appreciate the beauty of things really helps when trying to de stress. For example, going on a walk somewhere nearby and just appreciating the lovely bits of nature around you will actually help take your mind of things for a while.

Expressing creativity is another way of portraying negative capability, and just showing who you are through what ever you love or see as ‘beautiful’. Two of my lovely friends do this in both very different ways, one of my closest friends Grace has a blog (here), and she writes in such a lovely and down to earth way, which expresses her sense of creativity. And on the other hand, my lovely friend Lois expresses her creativity through what she wears and her makeup with some of the coolest looks; she does tutorials which are linked here
I felt like this post was just a little remind to destress and take some time out to appreciate the beauty in things πŸ’ž
See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x


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