Something To Think About..πŸ€”πŸ’­

This time of year…
This time of year is usually my favourite, with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas and all the festivities; it’s a very exciting time of year. However, I feel like right now there is a constant reminder that “This time of year is CRUCIAL” and the “Most important time of year”. In fact, I feel like since September this year I have been reminded that this is the “most important year of my life, as your A-Levels decide your future.” 
Having this constant reminder of how ‘important’ this year is puts a crazy amount of pressure on us as A-Level students, despite the work load. Obviously I understand that working hard is pretty crucial, and getting good grades IS important, but are they the only things that really dictate our future? Its crazy to think that we are pressured to the point where we feel like getting a grade B isn’t adequate, and only A’s and A*’s are worth anything, when in actual fact its not; getting a B at A-Level is amazing and something you should be proud of, and not ashamed of. We’re made to think that those 3 grades that we get on a piece of paper in August are the only things that will open up doors to success.
This brings me onto the pressure put on us about going to University. At the end of year 11, I had my heart set on attending University in London to study Fashion Journalism, and I knew that’s exactly what I need to study if I wanted to become the Chief Editor of Vogue one day which I did at the time (yeah I about aiming highπŸ˜‚). Back then, that was my dream job and it was 100% what I wanted to do, so on results day I chose the appropriate A-Levels: Media Studies, English Literature, Textiles and Psychology (I know psychology isn’t as relevant, but I took it purely because I enjoyed it). Throughout the course of year 12, my dreams changed. I dropped psychology as I figured it really wasn’t for me, and as it wasn’t relevant for my uni course it wasn’t a major issue dropping it early on. I then thought about the idea and concept of actually moving to London, and after thinking long and hard about it I felt like this really wasn’t for me, and I knew I wanted to stay living in Manchester. Another thing that also changed was the course I wanted to do; I then wanted to do Fashion Promotion and Marketing. Throughout year 12 up until the summer holidays this is what I wanted to do, Textiles and Media were my favourite subjects, so why not combine the two? But again as you can probably guessed, my dream job shifted. I felt like I excelled more in media that in textiles, and I really did love media, and I still do today. Its something I’m heavily passionate about doing, so now I have moved on to wanting a career in Marketing. I have made a firm decision about this matter now, and this is what I have applied to do at university, however now again I am unsure about what I wanted to do, but the decision this time is university or an apprenticeship? And to be honest, I think doing an apprenticeship would be best for my career path. 
Many people approve, and many people don’t due to my target grades A*,A,A. I’m not trying to brag or anything by stating those grades and to be honest I’m pretty proud of myself, but this just makes people presume I’m going to university, and they disapprove when I say I want to do an apprenticeship, which actually shows they don’t really understand the concept of what an apprenticeship is. But for me, I’m thinking, well if I know what I want to do, why don’t I just go out there and do it?
I think the moral of this post is the fact that there are more options out there than just university, and I believe that dreams and aspirations are just as important as what grades you get. And the fact that it isn’t all about your grades!! You decide your future and how it turns out, not a piece of paper with 3 letters on it. 
Find something that drives you and helps you work harder to your end goal, whether thats money, fame, making a difference, changing somebody’s life or WHATEVER, if that helps you get where you want to don’t let anybody put you down.
This post was a lot longer that I expected, and sort of turned into a slight rant, but I feel like its important to discuss matters like this 😬. 
See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x


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