Time To Nip It In The Bud πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‹

Time To Nip It In The Bud πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‹

Just to let you all know, I’m so nervous to be posting and sharing this😬😬😬😬!!

I promised myself that this is something I would never write about, but it’s something that’s been really bugging me lately and I feel like if I write about it I will feel some sense of relief? (If that makes sense)
In my opinion, it seems within society today claiming you have anxiety or depression is ‘trendy’ and in some sickening sense ‘cool’. 

As a matter of fact, it’s really NOT cool and is NOT trendy. 

Speaking from first hand experience, depression is something that really does engulf you and take over your life. It almost feels like you’re trapped in this black hole; so far down that you can’t get out. This metaphor represents the sadness that you feel, and how you feel like there is totally no way to escape it. Now someone please tell me, how is that cool? How is it cool to feel like you live in this bottomless pit of nothing? 
Yes, I know what most of you are thinking: “urgh what an emo”. This brings me onto my next point; you are most definitely NOT an emo if you feel depressed. If you know me, you will know that I’m quite far from an emo (although I do wear a lot of black), I love pinks and other bright colours. People have the association that if you are depressed you are one of those stereotypical emo’s, when in actual fact, that’s not true. Think about the diverse amount of people within society today; I sometimes think to myself, how can there be any stereotypes when there is a vast array of different individuals within society? Next time you see a stranger, or even one of your friends, look at them and maybe just take into consideration that they may be suffering with a mental illness too.
Mental illness. It sounds awful doesn’t it? It sounds like you should be locked up in an asylum or handcuffed to a stretcher. However, in fact, we are actually just struggling with an aspect of our lives, as to which we are not emotionally and mentally stable. I feel like the stereotype associated with ‘mental illness’ is where people think we’re crazy, when in actual fact we are normal, we are just struggling with something – surely that can’t make you crazy, we’re all human, right?

Anxiety is really becoming a ‘trend’ at the moment, and it honestly makes me sick. Having anxiety is where you find certain daily tasks a struggle, such as paying for something in a shop to even going to school. Anxiety is something I have battled with since I was young, and even today it still hits me very hard and it is a struggle to cope with. You are constantly feeling paranoid and being extremely cautious about your actions, and also the repercussions of your actions, as to which this stops you from doing easy tasks. It’s sad to think that society has turned this term into a trend, and that by saying ‘I have anxiety’ is considered cool and might even get you some extra brownie points (pftπŸ™„). I even feel afraid to tell people that I suffer from anxiety or that I had a panic attack, because I feel like they won’t believe me because those terms are thrown around and used way too loosely.

Battling with both anxiety and depression is extremely hard; some days it’s easy, and some days it’s tough. Remembering that it truly cannot be this way forever, and that ‘only myself can really define who I become’ helps me immensely get over certain periods where I feel like nothing.

I felt like this matter needed to be addressed and nipped in the bud, as it is something close to home which truly affects many people everyday.

See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x


Negative Capability πŸŒΉπŸ‚πŸŒ·

Negative Capability πŸŒΉπŸ‚πŸŒ·

I first found out what negative capability was last year in my year 12 English Literature lesson, when we were studying John Keats’ poetry, but I actually only fully understood what it was recently.
I learnt the term in English, and it basically means appreciating something for what it is, rather than looking  too much into the reasoning for it. For example, rather than looking at a tree and thinking ‘why do the leaves change colour in the autumn? How do they change colour?’ etc etc, just looking at it and thinking ‘those autumnal leaves look really lovely”. It basically means that appreciating beauty is something that is pretty fundamental for a foundation of positivity.

I feel like this links to my previous blog post (here) about how this is a stressful time of year, and I feel that it is important to take a step back and actually appreciate the beauty of things around you, rather than just be absorbed in the stress of school and/or work. I believe that this is the reason I have just come to terms with the true meaning of Negative Capability; taking time out to appreciate the beauty of things really helps when trying to de stress. For example, going on a walk somewhere nearby and just appreciating the lovely bits of nature around you will actually help take your mind of things for a while.

Expressing creativity is another way of portraying negative capability, and just showing who you are through what ever you love or see as ‘beautiful’. Two of my lovely friends do this in both very different ways, one of my closest friends Grace has a blog (here), and she writes in such a lovely and down to earth way, which expresses her sense of creativity. And on the other hand, my lovely friend Lois expresses her creativity through what she wears and her makeup with some of the coolest looks; she does tutorials which are linked here
I felt like this post was just a little remind to destress and take some time out to appreciate the beauty in things πŸ’ž
See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x

Something To Think About..πŸ€”πŸ’­

This time of year…
This time of year is usually my favourite, with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas and all the festivities; it’s a very exciting time of year. However, I feel like right now there is a constant reminder that “This time of year is CRUCIAL” and the “Most important time of year”. In fact, I feel like since September this year I have been reminded that this is the “most important year of my life, as your A-Levels decide your future.” 
Having this constant reminder of how ‘important’ this year is puts a crazy amount of pressure on us as A-Level students, despite the work load. Obviously I understand that working hard is pretty crucial, and getting good grades IS important, but are they the only things that really dictate our future? Its crazy to think that we are pressured to the point where we feel like getting a grade B isn’t adequate, and only A’s and A*’s are worth anything, when in actual fact its not; getting a B at A-Level is amazing and something you should be proud of, and not ashamed of. We’re made to think that those 3 grades that we get on a piece of paper in August are the only things that will open up doors to success.
This brings me onto the pressure put on us about going to University. At the end of year 11, I had my heart set on attending University in London to study Fashion Journalism, and I knew that’s exactly what I need to study if I wanted to become the Chief Editor of Vogue one day which I did at the time (yeah I know..talk about aiming highπŸ˜‚). Back then, that was my dream job and it was 100% what I wanted to do, so on results day I chose the appropriate A-Levels: Media Studies, English Literature, Textiles and Psychology (I know psychology isn’t as relevant, but I took it purely because I enjoyed it). Throughout the course of year 12, my dreams changed. I dropped psychology as I figured it really wasn’t for me, and as it wasn’t relevant for my uni course it wasn’t a major issue dropping it early on. I then thought about the idea and concept of actually moving to London, and after thinking long and hard about it I felt like this really wasn’t for me, and I knew I wanted to stay living in Manchester. Another thing that also changed was the course I wanted to do; I then wanted to do Fashion Promotion and Marketing. Throughout year 12 up until the summer holidays this is what I wanted to do, Textiles and Media were my favourite subjects, so why not combine the two? But again as you can probably guessed, my dream job shifted. I felt like I excelled more in media that in textiles, and I really did love media, and I still do today. Its something I’m heavily passionate about doing, so now I have moved on to wanting a career in Marketing. I have made a firm decision about this matter now, and this is what I have applied to do at university, however now again I am unsure about what I wanted to do, but the decision this time is university or an apprenticeship? And to be honest, I think doing an apprenticeship would be best for my career path. 
Many people approve, and many people don’t due to my target grades A*,A,A. I’m not trying to brag or anything by stating those grades and to be honest I’m pretty proud of myself, but this just makes people presume I’m going to university, and they disapprove when I say I want to do an apprenticeship, which actually shows they don’t really understand the concept of what an apprenticeship is. But for me, I’m thinking, well if I know what I want to do, why don’t I just go out there and do it?
I think the moral of this post is the fact that there are more options out there than just university, and I believe that dreams and aspirations are just as important as what grades you get. And the fact that it isn’t all about your grades!! You decide your future and how it turns out, not a piece of paper with 3 letters on it. 
Find something that drives you and helps you work harder to your end goal, whether thats money, fame, making a difference, changing somebody’s life or WHATEVER, if that helps you get where you want to don’t let anybody put you down.
This post was a lot longer that I expected, and sort of turned into a slight rant, but I feel like its important to discuss matters like this 😬. 
See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x

Body Confidence πŸ‘™βœ¨πŸ’–

Body Confidence πŸ‘™βœ¨πŸ’–

Body confidence is something that has been affecting women of all ages for many years, but I feel like at this moment in time its something that keeps popping up on my social media a lot, so I thought maybe I should discuss it.
The image of the ‘perfect woman’ has changed drastically over the past few years, and how men AND women visualise what the perfect body should be changes all the time, putting an increasing amount of pressure on women to look at certain way. The pressure starts from a young age, and I know especially from around the age of 12ish is when girls begin to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and they begin to understand the aspects of body shaming. 

So what is body shaming? Its making people feel extremely uncomfortable about who they are and what their body looks like, and I personally feel that this is in no circumstances acceptable. Girls are made to feel ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’, ‘too ugly or ‘too pretty’ etc etc. This message is highly confusing for young girls, as there is no clear middle ground. What is TOO thin? What is TOO fat? What does that even MEAN? 

In todays society with the introduction of social media, it becomes a gold mine for body shaming towards women of all ages, and more and more hate is poured out everyday towards more and more women. Celebrities get hit one of the hardest, and although they have such a glamorous lifestyle, its not all glam when it comes to the fact that they are the forefront of all the hate. A celebrity whom is someone who really represents body confidence and who I find pretty inspirational is Ariel Winter (Modern Family’s Alex Dunphy). I love the fact that she isn’t a size 6 and she isn’t bothered by that either. She has curves and she’s confident about that, and often in today’s society curves on a girl are frowned upon. She’s experienced some pretty extreme hate, even over her breast reduction surgery which was her choice. If you just scroll through one of her Instagram pictures, you will see the crazy amount of hate that she gets; “slut” “slag” “whore” on a daily basis. Despite this, she continues to embrace her curves and posts whatever the hell she wants, and I think the is a true inspiration.

There isn’t such a thing as the ‘perfect body’, every body is beautiful in its own way, shape and form. The attitudes of society are going to be extreme for as long as social media continues to exist; people can become anonymous and hide behind a fake profile to express hatred to others. The most important thing to remember is DO YOU AND BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!! Body confidence is something that has taken me a while to understand, but now that I finally do, I felt like this was something I wanted to write about.


See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x

The Development of My Love for Makeup and FashionπŸ’…πŸ‘—πŸ’„πŸ‘’πŸ’‹

The Development of My Love for Makeup and FashionπŸ’…πŸ‘—πŸ’„πŸ‘’πŸ’‹

I have to admit, this was a very spontaneous post as I’m having a bit of writers block this week! This lil post idea was given to me by my very good friend also blogger Grace, and you all should check her blog out because she is an AMAZING writerπŸ˜›!! 


This is going to be a short little post about how I developed such a love for make up and fashion, and how it continues to influence me everydayπŸ’‹πŸ‘—.

I come from very creative family; my mum is a photographer and she used to be a fashion designer, and my dad is a furniture designer; so from a young age I’ve always had creative influences in my life.

Aside from those fashion stencils and ‘fashion design’ games that pretty much every girl had when I was younger, I think with Fashion, the thing that sparked my love for it was really watching shows like America’s Next Top Model. I always loved seeing the outfits that they wore, and how the pieces were put together, and the reason behind the outfits.
Growing up, I realised that what you wore really expressed who you are, and therefore I began to develop my own style and sort of define how I went about expressing myself, and how I wanted to portray myself to other people.
I love simplistic clothes, things that are block colours (usually white, black or grey..I know, really out there…) and then provide makeup that adds that ‘statement’ to the look. However, I also like to play around with more bold colours and different patterns, yet still keep it pretty simplistic.
I think taking textiles has also allowed me to explore other peoples creative style, and how they combine different colours and patterns to get the look that they desire and expresses them the best. The girls in my textiles class are a brilliant example of this, as we all have our own individual styles and are all very unique.

Moving onto makeup, I think as a child my love for makeup was influenced by media – the magazines that I read, the shows that I watched on TV, the books I read, etc etc. I think my very first makeup product, i was a clear mascara that I got in Shout magazine in the summer holidays just after I finished primary school, which is probably the age that the majority of girls started wearing makeup. And of course, I went through that terrible blue eyeshadow and purple eyeliner phase, and also the black panda eyes with clumpy mascara and chalky foundation until I realised the ‘beauty’ of makeup. 

Now, I’m able to realise that makeup is not only in the beauty industry, but it is also considered as art. The looks that some people are able to create are just outstanding, and I love scrolling through my social media and seeing the most amazing and creative looks, that are so truly original as well. My Inspirations include those such as NikkiTutorials, Carli Bybel, Daisy Marquez, Mikala Walker and many many more; they’re so beyond talented.

This post turned out to be something a bit more than a ‘little’ post, I just got a liiiiitttle bit carried awayπŸ˜¬πŸ˜†!!
See you next Tuesday,
Scarlett x