I’m not going to lie, this is probably the third time I’ve attempted a blog. I know that sounds like I couldn’t be bothered or whatever, but honestly I think I had a writers block the first time round, and the second time I just restricted myself to discuss solely makeup matters. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I also love writing, but I presume that it was just not the right time in my life for a blog.

Which is where this third blog comes in; you know what they say, third time lucky. Well this time I’m making sure that I am lucky, I’m really determined to keep this up, because it truly is something I love to do! On this blog I’m going to be discussing a range of topics, from makeup to product reviews, my opinion on certain matters, trips and places that I’ve been on and so much more! I really want to express who I am as a person via my writing, and also explore new opportunities and ideas which could push me further in my future plans.

If you are wondering who actually is this girl rambling on with herself, my next post will contain alllllll of that information! I’m going to be posting every Tuesday at 9pm GMT, so make sure you stay tuned!!! 😛🤗

See you next Tuesday,

Scarlett x


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